LightwaveRF Wireless Control White Smartphone Wifi Link (JSJS LW500 WH)

LightwaveRF Wireless Control White Smartphone Wifi Link (JSJS LW500 WH)
LightwaveRF Wireless Control Smartphone Wifi Link 	JSJS LW500 White
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The LightwaveRF Connect Wifi-Link allows you to utilise a PC, Smartphone, iPhone or iPod Touch* to remotely control any of your LightwaveRF devices using one single controller at or away from home.

The Wifi-Link attaches to any standard wireless router with broadband access and allows you instant control of your lighting, electrical and heating devices anywhere in the world that you have an internet signal! Whilst in your office, use your Smartphone to turn on the heating, or turn your hall lights on for extra security at night.

The easy to use Smartphone or PC app allows a full range of clever customisable sequences and timers allowing you to create your own fully personalised smart-room system: control heating, lighting, security and many more features when and where you want.!

Best of all, there is no complex wiring or installation necessary: simply plug the Wifi-Link into your broadband router, power up, allow it to self configure and you are away!

*Smartphone/iPhone/iPod not included

RF frequency: 433.92 MHz
Mains adaptor powered (included)
RJ45 Cable (included)

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